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Hand-Held Refractometer

Product Code : EL-LE-10914

For simple, manual measurement of concentrations and refractive indices of liquids.

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Room Climate Monitor

Product Code : EL-LE-10915

The Air Quality Monitor is a device used to evaluate and reliably control the quality of air in a room.

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Full Face Safety Mask

Product Code : EL-LE-10916

Classic amongst full masks and fulfils the most stringent requirements in the areas of protection and comfort.

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Fine Dust Filtering Half Mask

Product Code : EL-LE-10917

half-mask High Performance with triple cavity system triple cavity system for maximum filter performance with lowest breathing resistance

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Surgical Face Mask

Product Code : EL-LE-10918

Surgical face mask with Eco elastic bands Tear-resistant bands

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Safety Ear Muffs

Product Code : EL-LE-10919

Active Bluetooth earmuffs with RAL (real active listening) function.

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Corded Foam Ear Plugs

Product Code : EL-LE-10920

pair with connecting strap Non-allergenic

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Banded Earplugs

Product Code : EL-LE-10921

These ear protectors are suitable for intermittent use The soft plugs are made of non-allergenic material

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Safety Eyeshield

Product Code : EL-LE-10922

Perfect for visitors as well as over goggles for spectacles wearers

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Panoramic Eyeshield

Product Code : EL-LE-10923

Linear and compact design Can be worn over any prescription spectacles

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Face Shields Clearway

Product Code : EL-LE-10924

Consisting of separate browguard and visor. impact and chemical resistant

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Protective Visor with chin protection

Product Code : EL-LE-10925

Transparent 1 mm Flip-up protective polycarbonate visor 100% UV protection

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Emergency Shower

Product Code : EL-LE-10926

Special showering heads ensure that large water quantities in gentle streams reaches the injured person without

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Body-Emergency shower Classicline with eye shower

Product Code : EL-LE-10927

Classicline safety shower combination, with safety eye shower optionally with bowl, lid and face wash unit.

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Emergency Shower Test Trolley

Product Code : EL-LE-10928

With the safety shower test cart required functional test simple and easy.

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