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Atwood's Machine, 
Our updated Atwood's Machine demonstrates the combined effects of linear and angular accelerations. 
A string carrying two weight holders passes over a large, ball-bearing mounted pulley. 
The linear inertia and the rotational inertia of the system are equal, so both mass and moment of inertia must be considered in calculating the acceleration. 
Adding light weights to one of the weight holders produces acceleration. Dropping the platform and releasing the weight holder starts the experiment. 
The experiment can be timed with a stop watch because the motion is quite slow. 
If you prefer to use a computer, the pulley is marked with black & white spokes, which pass in front of an accessory Photogate. 
The signal connects to a Daedalon Timing Interface to measure and store the time intervals. 
Plotting the angular velocity computed from the data recorded by the Photogate, versus the time, gives an accurate measurement of the angular acceleration.
Combines both linear & angular acceleration
Easy to use, Students calculate the moment of inertia
Pulley:C15.2 cm. Diam. X 1 cm. Thick easily demountable, with ball-bearing hub and spokes for the Digital Photogate to read
Mass holders:100 g each with four slotted riders
Mounting: Cast aluminum wall bracket

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