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Advanced Radioactivity Set,

Product Code : EL-PLE-10646

Advanced Radioactivity Set, 
The Advanced Radioactivity Set provides enough experimental options for a complete course in radioactivity. 
Included is a Precision Geiger Counter with the large Geiger tube, which collects data quickly and exactly. 
The Precision Geiger Counter measures count rates from a preset total count, making it easy to measure weak sources with accuracy. 
The set can measure convincingly the radioactivity of natural objects such as granite rocks and radiation from potassium chloride, "salt-substitute." Radioactive Source Set is included for absorber measurements. 
The Precision Geiger Counter functions as a computer interface with the provided software.
Measures to 100, 1000 or 4000 counts
Counts/min for 15 or 60s intervals.
A computer interface with software.
Complete with a large Geiger Tube, cables, absorbers, and Alpha, Beta, & Gamma sources
The set includes:
Precision Geiger Counter
Large Geiger Tube with cable
Geiger Tube stand with absorbers
Radioactive Source Set
Complete instruction manual with instructions for experiments 

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