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Precision Air Track 1.5m,

Product Code : EL-PLE-10602

Precision Air Track 1.5m, 
With Precision air track, you can present most of the principles of dynamics on one sturdy, easy-to-use and friction-free track. 
Students can examine the conservation of momentum by measuring the velocity of two gliders both before and after collision.
Students measure the speed of the gliders using photogates, spark recording or an ultrasonic measurement system. 
These systems can be chosen as accessories (not included).
Gliders permit students to study both equal and unequal mass collisions by adding weights to the gliders. 
By replacing the standard bumper springs on the gliders with hook and loop bumper springs, a collision becomes inelastic. Riser blocks stacked under a track provide the inclined plane to study acceleration. 
The included pulley demonstrates acceleration under a constant force. 
Magnets attached to the gliders provide magnetic repulsion. The spring kit allows lab groups to study harmonic motion. Included with each track kit is a full instruction manual, which details not only how to set up and use the track, but also includes set up instructions and sample data for instructors.
Daedalon air tracks are constructed using custom designed aluminum extrusion of hollow triangular cross section. 
Air feeds into one end of the closed extrusion and escapes through two rows of 0.9 mm diameter air holes drilled along the length of the track. 
The escaping air provides virtually friction-free support for the aluminum gliders, which fit over the outside surface of the track. 
A full-length metric tape is set into the extrusion and a guide groove for spark paper on the other side.
A complete set of accessories is included. 
1.Three (3) 100g aluminum gliders. These float above the Air Track.
2.Eight (8) spring bumpers. Allow elastic collisions.
3.Three (3) magnetic bumpers. Used for elastic collisions.
4.Four (4) hook and loop bumpers. Used for inelastic collisions.
5.Six (6) thumbscrews. Used for attaching accessories to the gliders.
6.One (1) spool of thread. Used in conjunction with the pulley to study acceleration.
7.Two (2) long springs. Used to join gliders together or to the end of the track.
8.Two (2) short springs. Used to join gliders together or to 9.the end of the track.
10.One (1) weight hook. Used with thread and pulley.
11.Four (4) 5g hanging weights. Used with weight hook.
12.One (1) glider launcher. Used to launch gliders with repeatable force.
13.Four (4) spring connecting brackets. Used to connect springs to gliders.
14.One (1) low friction pulley.  (Pully is pre installed onto the end of the Air Track)
15.Twelve (12) 25g masses. Used to increase the mass of the gliders.
16.Eight (8) photogate flags. Disrupts the beam of a photogate timer for measuring velocity.
17.Eight (8) riser blocks. Turns the Air Track into an inclined plane.
18.Two (2) photogate holders.

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